Thursday, November 19, 2009

More signs of Fall around our place....

Signs of Fall 5

I think I have mentioned before that Fall/Autumn is my favorite season. There's such unmatched beauty in the transition from summer to winter. And I love watching this seasonal change reflected in our backyard. It's taken ten years for our backyard to finally get to the point where we absolutely love it. Okay, maybe I don't love it when I am scooping up dog poop or weeding. But I love entertaining in it, playing on the grass, dreaming in its nooks and crannies, putting my laundry out on the line in it, piling logs for the stove on the back porch, gardening all over it, listening to the chickens laying an egg, seeing chalk pictures or hopscotch grids written on the concrete.

Fall is here!
Logs for the wood stove
Uh-oh she caught me!
Lil' Mermaid practicing her spelling
The leaves are going away

Signs of Fall 1
Signs of Fall 2
Newly stained chicken coop
Signs of Fall 3

I am loving our backyard in all seasons now. But I have to say that Fall probably is my favorite time to appreciate the hard work that has made our backyard a mini world that we all treasure.

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