Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh NEW camera!

The grass was just glowing in the afternoon light

How could I forget what the Mister got for me...okay really it's kinda for the whole family although I am the primary photographic documenter ...okay, who am I kidding, really it's for me.....AND I LOVE IT!!!!

Church in Madras

My older Cannon has been on the fritz on and off. So to commemorate the new camera we dragged the kids out on a long afternoon drive around Central Oregon last Saturday. Ross and I used to do this all the time in the "old days", read: pre-kids. We hauled everyone into the truck and drove around just for fun, taking pictures of whatever tickled out fancy.


The autumn sunshine was playing hide and seek behind some clouds all afternoon and it made for some especially beautiful golden light, even during midday. The kids read to each other, fought with each other, sang songs, ate snacks, drove us nuts and overall were pretty good (or at least pretty normal!)

Farm textures

Meanwhile, Ross and I drove through Terrebonne, Culver, Metolius, Madras, Lone Pine, Prineville...taking photos of the Central Oregon that we love....

old cars and trucks
More of Ross' favorite treasures

pink houses with goats in the front yard
I loved this...

trees with autumnal color
Gold & Blue

colorful, old fences
Green & Pink

old tractors
Old Tractor in Field

dilapidated barns

It was several hours of "family time" without the intention of it being "family time". Know what I mean? In other words, a perfect afternoon.


  1. This is something Brian and I also love to do. We actually did a mini version of a day drive a few weeks ago. Dane napped, Drew looked out the window/complained/snacked etc. We visited Lone Pine as well. Brian would love to retire somewhere like that.

  2. Great pics! Makes me nostalgic for life outside of the subdivision. Glad you had a great birthday. Now you're as old as me!