Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Gratitude Wreath

Gratitude Wreath Finished 2

We had a family craft project that we worked on during the Thanksgiving school break. What, you're surprised? Yeah right! We saw this cool craft idea from Chica and Jo (a cool new craft web site find), via The Crafty Crow (my favorite family craft site ever). But we wanted to be able to keep the wreath up during the year as well.

Bare clothespins
Acrylic Paint Love

So we opted for a rainbow of colors instead of only the Fall colors that they used on their wreath. Plus, we can't control ourselves around acrylic paint. We must go with our strengths, yes? Well then color it is!!!

Paint Palette Love 3
Paint Palette Love 1
Peelu's little fingers

...and more color and more color...
Clothespin Close-ups
Painting galore

It was a messy business....
It was a messy business

but we persevered...
Gratitude Wreath 1
I love the bright colors!
Gratitude Wreath 2

Then we wrote down what we are thankful for...
Lil' Mermaid wouldn't stop
The boys thinking

and look at our beautiful new creation!!
Gratitude wreath hung on our wall

(P.S. The gray and pink striped clothespin in the upper left part of the wreath does NOT say "beers". I promise. Lil' Mermaid wrote bee's (now that she's reading she gets all caught up in punctuation and contractions that are usually incorrect but that she insists are right). Of course, now that I think about it. Ross was helping Lil' Mermaid when they were doing their maybe it does say "beers"....hmmm....)


  1. Oh, how funny! I swear I didn't see this post when I wrote my other comment! :P

  2. LOL, I love the beers explanation! I got one of them too! Came across this in flicker some how but I love it! OH, I hope I can remember this one for next thanksgiving... oh heck I might just to this for new years and remembering for a look back on the year.

  3. Paula - I think you could do this anytime of year! Thanks, Francie.

  4. I'm soooo doing this next year, I already have it saved.