Sunday, November 1, 2009

A passion for play dough

Oh little do love your dough that is. And I must confess that your father and I....well, we don't. But I came across this recipe in my favorite magazine (Family Fun, of course) for some naturally dyed play dough. And we know that I have been on a bit of a fascination with dyeing things lately....

Our first batch of all natural play dough

I followed the recipe in the magazine but you could easily use your own favorite homemade play dough recipe and just follow the natural dye ideas. We used cocoa powder for the brown, hot beet juice for the pink/fuchsia, turmeric for yellow, and we tried some blueberries for a purple (it was rather light). And then Peelu let her fingers do the walking.

Irresistable to little fingers

Play dough fun!

Footprints in the play dough

An afternoon of quiet and the clean-up wasn't so bad after all. Plus the dyeing was fun!

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