Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A peek into my boy's head

And it's not scary. I promise.

Hot Rod's Bookshelf

I just love this little peek into Hot Rod's mind. He is not known for keeping his room clean but as we were cleaning up on Saturday morning, I saw that he had arranged the top of one of his cubby book cases with some of his art and craft projects. It made my day to realize how much he treasures his creations and those of others.

Here's an inventory of some of the items: a robot plaque he painted, the clothespin closure I made him for his first day of school lunch bag, his decoupaged treasures box, his yarn cans (more about these very soon), viking stuffie that he drew and sewed up himself, felt heart I made him last Valentine's Day, his robot tooth pillow I made for him (that is now missing it's button eyes), two of his art journals, a wooden airplane he painted, a pinecone from the neighbors tree, an embroidery floss bracelet his Papa made for him, a tiny shrinky dink charm he drew and colored, a beaded necklace he strung, a pizza, a sun, the dragon and several other baked clay figures he made, and his painted and decorated worry box.....

I can't tell you how much I love seeing this display. It almost makes the daily clean-up of my craft room worth it.....almost....okay, its totally worth it! ;-)

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