Monday, November 23, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Checking out the snow in the morning

We woke up to a light layer of snow on the ground. This was the second or third time so far that we've had some snow stick around (very lightly) for longer than 10 minutes. Of course the kids were excited and wanted to go run out and play in it and we had all we could do to persuade them to get ready for church and eat some breakfast. Notice the curlers in Peelu's hair? More on that later.

Church was snowy and we had a small congregation that morning but the kid's choir was singing. However, we had some sick kids so Hot Rod and Peelu had to sing all by themselves for the first service. They ditched the song they were originally going to sing and sang "This Little Light of Mine"....all by themselves....up by the altar...ALL BY THEMSELVES! It was one of those Mama moments....sigh...where you are just so proud of your children that your heart feels like it will burst. And then they nag you the rest of the service and you want to wring their with kids. Salty & Sweet!
After the Recital
(Unfortunately, I don't have a photo from this Sunday. But here's a cute photo of these two maniacs after their recital this past Spring).

After Sunday School and singing at the second service (with reinforcements) we headed home for a nice, quiet afternoon of crafts, chores, and family time.

Still snowy in the morning...
Early snow

A heart shaped log being cut into firewood...
Heart shaped log

Snow going....going....going....
Bye bye snow

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