Sunday, November 1, 2009

The start of the Viking obsession

Over the summer I wanted to get the kids interested in some history and combining the learning with reading and crafts...(sorry kids, that's what you get when you have a craft-obsessed, bibliophile with a History degree as your mother).

Hot Rod took to it the most. That's part of why we started the Little House series...(more of our crafty Little House endeavors later). But Hot Rod was also interested in Vikings. And I must confess that Ross and I are a bit geeky when information on Vikings hits the History channel. We started reading this book to Hot Rod and then moved on to these:

Reading up on vikings

Then Hot Rod found an old Playmobil Viking set that we had stored away. He put it together in record time and it has since graced his shelf when he's not playing with it:
Hot Rod's Playmobile Viking Set

Then he got into drawing viking ships and dragons permeated several of his art & crafts projects:
Hot Rod's rendering of a viking ship
Hot Rod the Viking
Close-up of Hot Rod's Fire breathing dragon

So it was natural that when Halloween came closer that Hot Rod would choose to be a Viking......

Practicing his battle moves

....but what was surprising was that his sisters decided to be Vikings as well.....

Warrior chick
A Peelu Viking

so the family Halloween costume factory started up again......stay tuned...

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