Sunday, November 1, 2009

We love Mad-Libs

Mad Lib Madness

Do you remember them? I spent hours, I mean hours creating them when I was a kid. I can remember filling them in and then erasing them over and over again until the page was too smudged to read. That is why I was so excited when Hot Rod and Peelu fell in love with Mad-libs after their first experience.

We gave Halloween themed Mad-lib pages for our friends to take home from the Halloween bash and later that night I explained to Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaid, the idea of filling in the blanks of the story with wacky words. We had a "Junior" version of Mad-libs that used pictures and gave noun, verb and adjective suggestions to help the kids create their own funny Halloween stories. First I read them everything and had them pick words from the choices. Then they asked if they could take it into their room and try it together. I didn't think they could really read them but I said okay. And lo and behold, they spent an hour filling in the pages. I would hear them cackle to themselves and then they would run into my room to have me read the words that they couldn't decipher. But I was amazed at how well they did reading AND writing and I was especially happy to see them having so much fun together.

If you haven't tried Mad-libs with your kids yet - GO GET SOME!! (And of course they're pretty easy to make up on your own too!) But do it! You will be rolling on the floor laughing as much as your kids!! And my friend Amanda is even using them for Language Arts on their homeschooling adventure. Isn't that cool?

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  1. This is hilarious. I am one of five kids and we LOVED Mad Libs when we were little... I had no idea they still make them!