Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bet you didn't know trees could be grannies too!

More granny trees

Yep, thanks to Michelle again, they can be darn cute grannies!

Our new tree wall decor

The trees in the top photo will be part of my upcoming garland. But I really, REALLY love the color combo in the second photo. So I asked Ross to cut me off a tree branch from his recent pruning expedition and I tied on the trees with some hemp twine for a simple wall decoration. I think I may keep it up past the holidays. I just love those colors!

Grandma Trees

There is no end in sight because Michelle also has tutorials up for a heart granny and a round granny. I've only been able to make one heart granny so far. And sweet little sister that I am, I made a little mobile with it and sent it down to my equally crafty sister in the OC.

MY little crocheted wall hanging

My thought was the star represented the shining "reason for the season", the tree represented their family and the heart represented love. Corny, eh? Hey, she liked it! :-)

More grannies on the way...stars and trees and hearts..oh my!


  1. Oh your photo's of these are just gorgeous...
    and love the trees on a branch it is so perfect...
    Thank you so much for all your lovely support and great flickr sharing with my group...
    Love to see more wonderful ideas using Granny tutorials and love your post!!!
    Thanks so much...

  2. Thank you for the great ideas, beautifull Grannies ,can't wait to make some.