Monday, December 7, 2009

Crafting during the childrens' sermon

Clothespin craft for church

I know this will be hard to believe...but I was asked to give the childrens' sermon at church a few weeks ago. I know, ME?? What were they thinking? I have finally achieved Sunday School teacher status along with my good friend Becky. But speaking in front of the whole congregation? A bit scary. So, me being me, found a way to integrate crafts into my sermon.


This was for our annual Thankoffering service and it was right before Thanksgiving. So you can imagine that my theme had to do with being thankful to God for all that we have....but going in the same vein as the scripture readings for that morning, I decided to tailor it a bit to say how we should remember to be thankful for ALL of the little things that we may take for granted. We always remember to thank God for our family and our good health and for food on the table, etc. All of which is very important of course. But my discussion was about being thankful for EVERYTHING because God gives us EVERYTHING - that could mean silly things like "funny faces" or "cartoons that make me laugh" or beautiful natural things like "rainbows" and "gardens" and "pinecones" or special loves like "my dogs" or "our chicken eggs" or "craft supplies". NOTHING is too small or too silly or too unimportant to thank God for...because we need to remember that he has created everything.

Gratitude Wreath Finished 2

So hopefully I spit that out okay. I was tremendously nervous and I had a MICROPHONE on....eek! Plus, I only had a few kids that day - two of which were mine. So I had Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaid help explain about our gratitude wreath that we had recently made at home. And how we thought that we should bring in some of our hand painted clothespins so that other people could take them home and write on them anything that they need to remember to thank God for...and then they could easily attach the clothespin to a spot where they would be sure to see it often. And then, my two maniacs, bless their sweet hearts, had written "God loves you" on several of the clothespins. At first I had told them not to do that because we were supposed to leave them blank to give out...but Hot Rod (who everyone at church thinks is in training to be a pastor) said that we should make more and give those out at church too so that people could take them home and sneak them onto "Grandma's" purse or "their kids'" backpack so that they were reminded that God ALWAYS loves them. BIG sigh, right?

Hot Rod was diligent

So we told the congregation that we would leave a bowl of clothespins on the coffee and snack table for people to take after the service if they were interested. Our congregation is a bit older and they are so supportive of our very small youth program but I wasn't sure if anybody would really be interested in our little "craft idea". But to my delightful surprise....all of the clothespins were gone before we headed off to Sunday School. AND many of our fellow church members went out of their way to say how wonderful they thought the childrens' sermon was (although I am convinced that I sounded quavery and high-pitched) and that they were very happy to take clothespins home to their families to share our ideas......

Clothespin painting madness



  1. That is one of the greatest ideas I've ever heard of!

    And the second clothespin from top? "I like tacos"? My 13 year old son's MSN messenger profile has a custom message... "tacos!" LOL They don't grow out of it. They just eat more.

    On the wreath itself... the clothespin below sunshine? Does that say "beers"? ;) Just teasing!

  2. I would have loved to hear your sermon Kel. I KNOW you did a great job. Congrats on your first sermon!

  3. And we are so lucky to have your generous and caring spirit at the church! You are a natural with the kids. Danika came home after Sunday school and used the handout to help her reenact the Christmas story with her Barbies.

  4. Sweet idea. I now have a fun craft to look forward to after the chaos of December is over.

  5. Thanks for the sweet words, Girls!