Sunday, December 13, 2009

"[He] had sent me into battle against a milk cow and I got cursed for it."

Hank the Cow Dog

Have you read any of the Hank, the Cowdog series by John Erickson? If you haven't (and you have a dorky sense of humor like we do) then you MUST read them.

A few years back I had bought some of these books for one of my nieces. But I kind of forgot about them until I ran across some at our local bookstore. I am trying to get Hot Rod as interested in reading as Lil' Mermaid is and I thought these books might appeal to him. So about two weeks ago I broke the first book out and started reading. We were all in our usual family reading places. The big kids on the big couch with me. Ross and Peelu sprawled on the other one... It wasn't three pages into the book and Ross and I were laughing so hard we had tears coming out of our eyes. I must say that I have a pretty decent Hank voice. And they all egged me into coming up with voices for the other characters too. I kept reading for an hour, with lengthy breaks for giggling (from Ross and I). Lil' Mermaid ended up falling asleep and Hot Rod was listening intently but not getting all of the jokes or the ridiculously dry humor.

Anyway, we ended up finishing the book in three nights, much to Ross' dismay. He has taken to quoting "Hank" around the house and coming up with his own "cowdog-isms". I roll my eyes and try to escape him but Hank has inhabited his psyche. We're all doomed, as Hot Rod says with a chuckle.

Go get a copy of Hank and see if your husband turns into a full fledged cowdog with a "crushing sense of responsibility that's known to people in high places, such as presidents, prime ministers, emperors and such."

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