Thursday, December 24, 2009

A little late with this magical ornament swap

All of our handmade "Fairy Tale" ornaments

But don't worry, we did finish our ornaments for the magical Holiday Ornament swap hosted by The Crafty Crow and Full Circle. If you remember, the theme was fairy tale-ish goodies, hence our plethora of unicorns, dragons and gnomes. We had such a good time making them that we made several more than the five we needed for the swap. I made some for my family and the kids made some extras for family and friends as well.

More handmade ornaments
More close-ups
Close-up of unicorns

At first we were a little scared of the theme, even though fairy tales are some of our favorite things...but we weren't totally sure how to translate that into ornaments. My first thought was to make shrinky dinks that we could trace some clip art onto and embellish in a fairy tale-ish manor. Shrinky dinks are my ever faithful go-to when in need of immediate kid crafting success.

We found some dragon clip-art (because of course dragons have been included in Hot Rod's viking obsession for the past six months) and he did a great job at tracing and free hand filling in of his artwork:
I was impressed...

Lil' Mermaid (as expected) chose unicorns. I also so grabbed some clip-art on-line for her to trace and I found an elsiecake embroidery pattern of unicorns. They had the cutest faces, so she used one of those as well.
Lil' Mermaid working on her ornament design

Hot Rod used colored pencils and Lil' Mermaid used sharpie markers. We punched holes in them, baked and voila......
The shrinky dink swap ornaments ...

So darn cute and easy. Then we attached wire and strung beads on them.
Lil' Mermaid beading one of her swap ornaments

We had enough ornaments right there. But did I stop? Of course not. You can't control a raging-out-of-control-craft-a-holic. What are you thinking? We headed to the salt dough next.....The sculpting took a bit of time as that is not a strong point for any of us. We still had dragons and unicorns but we added some gnomes in and other fun stuff.
All baked

Then it was painting, painting....
First coat of paint

Almost done painting

Then some modge podge to seal and wire and beads for hanging, (this took place over several days, mind you), and phewwwwwwww.....
Close-up of Lil' mermaid's ornamentsClose-up of Hot Rod's ornamentPapa's gnome
A little gnome for Grandpa WClose-up of Peelu's ornamentLil' M's salty unicorn
My salt dough unicorn up closeHot Rod's salty dragonLil' Mermaid's gnome for the swap

Again, not all of these were for the swap. But it was definitely the swap that got us into the whole process. And we LOVED it. And came out with some darn good ornaments. We even impressed ourselves. Which, is NOT easy in a family of demanding crafters!

So one more time, I know you want to see them again....:-)
The Dragon Batch:
The Dragon Batch

The Unicorn Batch:
The unicorn batch

The Gnome Batch:
The Gnome batch

And here's to hoping that your Christmas is magical and...of course...crafty this year!

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