Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lovely Starry Goodness

A bowl full of starry goodness!

In Late November I was trolling the crafty blogs and web sites looking for an easy, fun decoration to make for gifts. Since crocheting is my latest crafty obsession I was very attracted to several crocheted star patterns that I saw out and about.
Grandma Twinkle Stars

First I ran across this lovely, lovely, hilarious blog by Dottie Angel. I just immediately fell in love. She has some super sweet garland tutorials that I am just itching to try. And at some point I will have to devote a post just to her utterly fabulous blog....but anyway...she pointed me to The Royal Sisters blog and some super duper fantastic crocheted granny tutorials. First the grandma twinkle star tutorial was up and that is what I used for most of our teacher present ornaments. These stars are just...well...addicting. It's crochet crack, that's what it is. They are fast, simple, easy to carry along (I made some up at choir practice and gave several to the kids to take home for their trees) and there are so many color combinations possible. My head spins when I think of how many of these stars are in my future.

Prettiest Grannies in town

Then, I visited one of my favorite crochet blogs - Sarah London Textiles - for luscious color inspiration and I found she had a tutorial for THREE granny star patterns. OMG! I was obsessed and whipped up a whole bunch more! I especially love her star design with the open, lacy center - like the red one and the yellow & white one below.
Closer peek

Sigh.....I have a garland made up of stars I am waiting to string up, our tree is covered with them, every Christmas present was decorated with them...and yet...I still...must....make....moreeeeeeeeeeee

There could be worse addictions, right?

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