Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Block Love

Dahlia Block Up-close

Finished just before the New Year....mostly for the Making Seven CAL.

Dahlia Block

This one isn't actually part of the Making Seven CAL but when I saw Amy's version I just had to try it. It was my first time making popcorn stitches and even though you have to take your hook out of the loop to complete the stitch, they were fun. I will be making more of these babies with different color combos!

Anemone Block
Anemone Block Up-close
Anemone Block

Still Lion Brand cotton with a G hook. Still honkin' big squares. But I am convinced they will make good pot holders/hotpads, especially if I put a solid backing on all of them. This was not my favorite square. Ross really likes it but I was a bit bored with the last three rounds, that's why I couldn't make them all the same color as in the pattern example in the book.

Briar Rose Block
Briar Rose Block Up-close
Briar Rose Block

I enjoyed this block and I really like the color combo. Lion Brand cotton.

Circle in a Square Block again
Circle in a Square Block

And Willow Block again
Willow Block


  1. Your blocks look great. I'm so glad you joined in on CAL. I really like your color choices.

  2. Thanks so much Amy. You've been inspiring me!