Thursday, December 17, 2009

More ornament crafting

Beads, beads, beads galore

Our big craft buddy, Big A came over for some more crafting fun last week. Christmas ornaments and decorations were our focus...

Working on the garland

Snowflakes and Candy canes together

Candy cane ornaments

Our snowflake ornaments

The "candy cane" ornaments on the bottom are Peelu's. Hot Rod gave her pipe cleaners to string her beads on and they worked really well for her because the beads stayed put and didn't slide off so easily. I found the idea for the snowflake bead ornaments here. Sorry about the light not being so good because these ornaments are really bright and colorful.

The we moved on to some simple collage garlands that I saw on Scrumdilly-do. Big A finished his but my maniacs are still working on theirs.

The garland making factory

Big A's garland

Hot Rod & Lil' Mermaid's garland in the works

Garland pieces

Here's Big A's finished garland but I didn't get a picture of it hanging up:
Big A's garland pieces ready to be strung

And then the kids came up with their own Christmas tree forest in between my gathering the supplies for the other projects. They turned out so cute. They came up with their own idea of using clothespins to hold up the trees, which were glued to craft sticks.

Big A adding more trees to the forest

More forest

The finished forest

Ahhh...another day of crafts accomplished. AND we got to share the bounty - Big A went home with a bag of hand crafted goodness.


  1. I Love their Christmas tree forest!!! It's wonderful! <3

  2. I've just added the popsicle stick/beaded ornaments to our to-do list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love it all! The Christmas tree forest is especially clever!

  4. Thank you for all the sweet comments!