Thursday, December 31, 2009

Now...the festivities

Christmas morning excitement

Holiday Puzzle Tradition & family game playing:
The curly girls
Family Fun & Games

Handmade Gifts, given and received:
Smiling oceana scarf recipient
Vintage trivet and vintage pyrex
Lil' Mermaid loving her quilt from her Memere
Crocheted slipper love from Auntie K

Cookies made and eaten with the help of very experienced hands:
A two year old and frosting?
More frosting tutorials
An afternoon of cookie...

Gingerbread Houses constructed and demolished, amidst much giggling and finger-licking:
Gingerbread House #2
The all girl gingerbread house

More crafting (as if you doubted this):
Cinnamon Apple Sauce ornaments
Hot Rod carving his bow

And a Christmas Pageant of epic proportions (okay, it wasn't really that big but it did involve three generations [I had to sing-choke-choke], a wiseman, two sheep and an angel:
The Christmas Pageant participants
Christmas Pageant sheep

Phew! We're joyful, but a bit tired now. How were your holidays?

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  1. You are just way to creative, I love getting on your blog and just seeing the new things you are doing. I haven't had any time to get my blog going, but maybe this year I will.