Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our frozen sun catcher

Oranges and red onion and blueberries, a lemon and cilantro?

We had terribly cold temps last week - below zero at nighttime and only up to 12 degrees during the day! So I thought it was a good idea for us to make a frozen sun catcher.

Doesn't it look beautiful against our blue, blue sky?

I don't have photos of the whole process but it's pretty darn easy. Fill a container up with water and then place your sun catcher items inside. You actually don't have to fill up the whole container, just enough to mostly cover your items. And I find that using a plastic container makes it easier to pop out the whole thing at once. I hate to waste food just for this so I totally searched through our compost bucket (gross, I know, but it was all still fresh scraps). We had on hand some squishy grapes and blueberries, red onion bits, some orange rinds and a lemon slice and a slurpy cucumber circle. I did sprinkle some chopped cilantro I had on top to make it more festive. :-)Then a put the ends of a yarn remnant into the water and let the rest hang off the edge. I carefully put it all in the freezer on a flat surface and we waited until it was frozen solid. Then we just hung it up outside during our freezing temps.

Our frozen sun catcher

We hung it up on Wednesday and it melted a bit on Thursday and left cool icicles trailing from it.

Melting away

I think it totally disappeared when we warmed up completely on Saturday. I used yarn to hang it and I retrieved the yarn but you could also use some jute or something else biodegradable. Between Jack and the birds, the rest of the "food" was gone by Sunday. I think this would be so awesome to make up several of these and set them up along a local snowshoe path or some place they would stay frozen for a while and surprise people. Wouldn't that be cool? I will have to save that idea as we get further into Winter.

P.S. this is one of our family advent activities. And it was easy peasy!


  1. This is such a cool idea! However I live in Melbourne Australia where the temperature in Winter doesn't go below 0 degrees celcius so it never snows and this will be gone in no time :(

  2. I laughed when I saw this. What a creative and novel idea and so pretty and totally biodegradable. But like your previous comment, it never gets below zero where I live in Australia too. It would be a "Melting Moment" rather than a sun catcher!! It made me think just how our environment influences what we create!! I love your writing in nature too. Your "life" picture drew me to your site. You are wonderfully creative and inspiring. Your kids are blessed with an environment of creation and patience. :)))))

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea, such creativity! I will make some myself and pass on to our children's group at church, especially for advent. Thanks !!

  4. Hello ! I'm a French mom, and an English teacher. I liked your idea very much so I wrote an article on my "English teacher's blog" where I advertised your article (http://classroom208.over-blog.com/article-winter-craft-deco-d-exterieur-glacee-121443653.html) and I realized my own frozen suncatcher. I've just hung it in my lime-tree and I've written an article to show it on my creative blog (http://creativ-idees.over-blog.com/article-deco-d-exterieur-congelee-121550315.html). Of course, I advertised your article in this post too. Thanks again !