Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Singing Duo

Christmas Concert singing #3

This past weekend we also got to experience another one of our most favorite Christmastime activities...our church's annual Christmas concert. Or I should say, our youth choir director's concert. Because Debbie is really the star..she puts everything together, sings like you wouldn't believe AND teaches and directs our kids in the choir all year long. And let me tell you, these kids get silly when they are together. But somehow...they all pull it together when it's performance time...and look like angels doing it. Go figure.

Christmas Concert singing #2

Several of the kids had solos and both Hot Rod and Lil' Mermaid had small solos that they were overjoyed to sing. It was so sweet to see how serious they took their parts. Especially because they were MANIACS during the practice that afternoon.
Christmas Concert singing

Our church has a very small amount of youth but everybody is so supportive of our childrens' choir. We know we have a unique and special program. And we are truly thankful for the time and energy that is given to that program by Debbie and by all the moms and dads that either play instruments themselves, monitor the music and speakers, or chase the little ones around. And of course we are thankful for the sweet and genuine compliments that our children receive each and every time they sing by members of our congregation. Those compliments make our children fly higher than the angels they sing like....

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