Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Teacher Gifts

All of the teacher Christmas gifts

Yep, I am one of those freakish parents who has to give all the teachers a Christmas/Holiday gift before the kids get out of school. But unlike organized parents I wait, literally, until the last minutes before the last day of school to FINISH the presents. I didn't even have time to make the kids' lunch and I had to bring it to them later that morning.

More teacher gifts

Isn't that terrible. But now that I am several days removed from that crazy person who was me prior to the school holidays....I can actually appreciate what we put together for the fabulous teachers that inspire my children daily (or almost daily...and let me tell you - that is NO EASY TASK!!)

Close-up of teacher Christmas present

So, I zipped us some ridiculously simple burlap bags. And inside we had little bags of peanut brittle that Grandpa W makes for us and handmade cards from the kids. I tied the outside with hemp twine and attached a hand crocheted star ornament. I got the patterns from here and here. I CANNOT say enough about how much I LOVE these little crocheted granny stars. You will be seeing and hearing LOTS more about them. They are dangerously addicting.

Anyway, I think the little packages turned out pretty cute. This year, because of the horrendous school budget cuts and the loss of our PE, art and music teachers, what our school is doing to combat some of that is to have teachers within in the same grade cooperatively teach some of those subjects. So that is why we have so many presents: we have their main teacher, a student teacher this year, another first grade teacher who teaches them art and another first grade teacher who teaches them music. Oh yeah, and we have a super cool librarian and computer teacher. So they got goodies too. They are also our crossing guards when we walk to and from school and I always feel bad that they end up inspiring all of our children and working with all of them, but because they don't have their own class per se, well, they probably get left out of the goodies sometimes. Well, not by nerdy craft families like us. Are you shaking your head? Rolling your eyes at us? It's okay, I understand.

HOt Rod with his argyle ornament

But, you probably noticed that one of our gifts has a different ornament. A cute little argyle one to be specific. And a cute little boy holding it....

Up-close of argyle ornament

This ornament was for their student teacher, Mrs. Scott, who has a special relationship with Hot Rod. She really "gets" him. It is so fun to watch that kind of connection. But the funniest thing is that one day a few weeks ago, he wore this new argyle sweater of his to school......on the SAME day that Mrs. Scott wore one toooo!!!! Well, you know how first graders are...this was BIG news! I heard about it for days. I heard about it every day he wore his sweater again and I swear there were a few days that he wore his sweater two days in a row... I even heard about it from the teacher when I went in to volunteer. Clearly, this made a big impact on Hot Rod this school year. Soooo.....when I was trolling my favorite crafty sites and I ran across this ornament on this web site. I jumped off my chair and called to Hot Rod and showed him the tutorial on making this ornament. His eyes were huge as he looked at me and said "Mom, we HAVE to make that for Mrs. Scott. Please?" Well, what could I say? It is very cute. The tutorial is excellent and it was a bit time consuming but not terribly hard. I stayed up until 11:30 the night before the last day of school sewing the darn thing. It was perfect. And very emblematic of our life this holiday season: too many ideas, utter dis-organization, pure craziness, freakish resolve and then finally....perfection.

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