Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Part 1

G-Bug's Mattresses for her Princess & Pea Set

Crafting, of course!! We were very lucky to have two of our craftiest lil' friends come over during the Thanksgiving break from school. And we all crafted to our little hearts' content.

Remember the Princess & the Pea set we had made for Lil' Mermaid during the summer? We had also started one with G-Bug too. G-Bug (with some help) finished her Princess & the Pea set and made some more paper dolls for it:
G-Bug making her princess
Have to have a crocheted coverlet for...
Aahhhh..there's the princess

This project has been on-going through the last two visits we had with G-Bug. So we were very happy that she could take it home this time. We hear she has been bringing it everywhere with her and telling everybody about the story. That makes our day to hear how much she loves it and how proud she is of the work she put into it.

And a few days later we got down and messy with our friend Big A to make and paint some salt dough creations.
Salt dough creations
Hot Rod's salty creations
New salt dough friends

We were able to make the dough, sculpt our creations, bake them and paint them all before Big A had to go home. Arts & crafts, fun with friends, thankful that we can all be together...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

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