Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Break Part 2

Yes, we actually claim these children...

Yes, we actually claim these children as our own, scary isn't it?


On our last Saturday during the break we had big plans. First it was hiking on Grey Butte with our "original" babies - Jack & Scully. But we didn't even think about how muddy it would be since we had had some precipitation. And it was MUDDY. But trying to stop 3 crazy kids and 2 hyper dogs from leaping out of the truck was not an option. So we found the driest spot we could, unloaded the crew and enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.

Our first two babies on the left
The littlest hiker may be slow
A boy and his dog
She's a freak...
Juniper berry sky
It was muddy!

And then we came home just in time to get ready for the local Starlight Parade. This is the one event we always make sure to participate in with our 4-H dog club. We always put together a simple float, with some kids and their dogs sitting on it and some kids walking around it with the bigger dogs. Peelu got to walk around and watch the parade with her Papa. But I took the other two with me. Since they can sit relatively still (hahahah), they can come on the float.

Starlight Parade Float

There's something magical about an evening time holiday parade.
Who doesn't love a parade?

A fabulous way to wind up a very special holiday break.

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