Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TUTORIAL: Collaged Ornaments

Our collage ornaments #12

Beautifully simple ornaments that even little fingers can make. I was inspired by this photo.

Our collage ornaments #4

Heavy card stock or recycled cardboard cereal boxes
Paint brushes
Scrap fabric
Scrap patterned paper
Scrap wrapping paper
Mod Podge
Sequins, small objects, buttons, beads, small bells
Hole Punch

First we cut out shapes from our recycled card board. We used an old yellow poster board and some cereal boxes.

Shape Templates for collaged oranments

Then we got out the Mod Podge, brushes and "glued" on our fabric and paper scraps. You can use whatever you have on hand. We had fabric and paper left over from our church bazaar crafts. Then we added some tissue paper bits and wrapping paper scraps. We also painted the Mod Podge over all of the scraps. Do this on both sides of the ornament.

Tissue paper, wrapping, paper, scrapbook paperFabric left over from our church crafts
Collaged HeartHearts, stars, ornaments, bells
Fabric & paper collaged shapes

When both sides are dry, hole punch the top of the design. Then, using regular Elmer's glue (depending on how heavy your doo-dads are going to be....) or whichever basic white glue you prefer, glue on your bits and baubles, doo-dads or what-nots. We used sequins, beads, buttons, and small bells. Do this on both sides.

Putting shiny goodies on...Gluing sequins
Working on the star collage ornamentFinishing our collage ornaments
Ball shaped collage ornament

Then take a piece of wire...oh about...6 inches long, and turn up the bottom so nothing will fall off, and start beading the wire. Leave enough space at the top to turn up the other end (so the beads don't fall off that way either) and to form a hook shape for hanging.

Our collage ornaments #7
Our collage ornaments #1
Our collage ornaments #6
Our collage ornaments #3

That's it. Simple, easy and can be used for really an type of holiday theme as an ornament or as a gift tag or as collage art.

Our collage ornaments #9

Monday, December 27, 2010

Post-Christmas Sledding

Perfect sledding day by the Ochocos

What a wonderful invitation we had the day after Christmas - to head up to our friends' cabin for a day of sledding,soup, card games and conversation.

Pinky the Daredevil
Fun, fun, fun
The lonely snow orphan

The sledding got wilder and wilder, with the kids sledding even when snow-encrusted and obviusly exhausted.

Laid back and out of control
Yes, even encrusted in ice he still sleds!

Snow angels were created...

She's not flailing madly in the snow

..hmmmm..or maybe she just can't get up. So much for puffy coats.

I think she's fallen and can't get up

Our friends must have felt sorry for Peelu because they built her a real- honest-to-goodness snow shelter. And since they are true winter survivalists, we got a lesson in how to do it right.

Inside a REAL snow cave

We had a fabulous time with our very generous friends. I think Lil' Mermaid's face says it all.

My Snowy Maniac Daughter #2

We are blessed.

Bird Feeder Presents

All the grapefruit rounds are filled

The perfect gift for Grandma & Grandpas!

Pinecone bird feeder gift for G & G

Or for friends whose homes you are visiting during the holidays. We started with some piecones we had on hand and our leftover grapefruit rounds (from Christmas morning breakfast).

Preparing to make bird feeders

First we made holes in the grapefruit rounds and tied a little hanger on them with twine. And we aso tied twine around the top pf the piecones.

Tying the twine onto the grapefruits
Tying the twine onto the pinecones

We had some leftover suet that we combined with birdseed for the grapefruits.
And we used peanut butter to cover the piecones, and then rolled them in birdseed too.
Bird feeders filled with seed and suet

We also decorated one of the grapefruits with some grapes we had that were rotting. Then we put them in the freezer so they would firm up,making them easier to give as gifts (as they weren't so sticky) and to keep around until we needed them.

Bird Feeder Gifts for G & G

These came in so handy as gifts for those friends and family members who don't want or need presents and for those friends that drop by during the holidays, and you'd like to send them off with something but you already ran out of your baked good gifts! Fun and EASY to make and the birds have been going (literally) crazy over them in the yard!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Morning

A wonderfully relaxing holiday this year. Full of the things that Christmas should be.

Our two masted Christmas Tree

Including our two-masted (yes, it's round) Christmas tree.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Backyard Igloo

Inside a REAL snow cave

Wow, the first big snowfall we have had in a few years now.

We got some snow

It happened on Winter Break. So what's a construction minded father and his three over energetic kids to do?

Crawling out of the igloo

Why, build an igloo of course.

Lil' Mermaid diggin out the inside

It took a few hours. But boy did they sleep well that night!

This photo cracks me up.

And since we had some cold temps for a while, it lasted longer than we thought it would. However - it did eventually warm up and the igloo became....less roomy, shall we say.

The igloo is melting

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Hat Season

LOVE my new hat

MORE hats!

A bit obsessed with hats these days


I am not sure. Except that they are addicting once I start making them. And it's hat season, of course.

One of my new faves!

I call this one my "Beehive" hat. It's one of my new favorites.

Cool ridges and ribs

It's really called the Ribs and Ridges Hat and you can get the free pattern here, with some pattern corrections that I made here. It was really fun to make. I had this ball of mustard-y colored Vanna's Choice that I was dying to make something out of....but I wasn't sure about the color with my own coloring. However, I have to say that I am very happy with it and I get lots of compliments on the design and the color. Yay!

Wasn't sure about the yellow

This next hat is really easy. It's called the Charisma Hat and you can also get the free pattern here. And by the way, check out her other free patterns - the Surface Braid Hat will be one of my next hats for sure!

The Charisma Hat

This was my first time using this Charisma (yes, that's the name of the yarn too) from Michael's. It is so soft and I love the bulky weight and texture.

A bulky new hat

This colorway was so pretty and cheery. I like the striping effect.

Sorry, the sun was a bit bright this day

This was very fast to work up and will probably become one of my easy gift hats. And I will be using more Charisma yarn again too.

And maybe, just maybe I will make a hat for somebody other than myself soon.