Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2009: The Year in Review PART 1

Okay, this is my attempt to review the whole year. Yep, 365 days sucked down to the highlights. Really, it's laughable to think that is possible. But I am feeling a bit nostalgic, so I'm gonna try and note our happy, exciting and momentous events from the past year and OF COURSE, include as much arts & crafts as I can as well! Good bye 2009!

(You can click on each photo and find more info on the flickr page)


"Houston, we have some six-year olds":
6 Years Old!!!

My first on-line art class - with the fabulous and zany Suzi Blu:

Valentine Fun at school:
S's Valentines 2009 (front)
R's Valentines 2009 (front)

Valentine love:
Kid's Valentine from Us

First family ice skating adventure:
S Ice-skating for the First TIme


First lost tooth:
Someone lost a tooth!

Obsessive stamp carving spurt:
Hand Carved Stamps - trailers
Hand Carved Stamps - world, mermaid, message in a bottle, unicorn

California loves:
S working hard on squeezing
I just love this view!
Lovin' the Ponies!

Spring soccer, kicks and all:
Spring Soccer 2009

Our first letterbox placement (for Grandma W's B-day):
Letterbox Series Handcarved stamps

Mother's Day camping at the Coast:
Bowl full of Treasure
The Eldridge Tribe

Chicken looooooooooooveeeeeeeeeee and tragedy:
S having a soulful moment with his chicken
Inside the Memorial for Zena

Some of my first ATC cards:
Peacock ATC

Two fingered birthday celebration:
Lil' M telling her chicken that she is now 2

Flower pressing with the fairies:

Dance recital and more Good Ship Lollipops than we can handle:
After the Recital
S standing in line...

Father's Day craftiness & exploring:
Prayer Flags for Papa
S working on his Father's Day gift
Happy Father's Day

Phew! That was a photo heavy post (not a surprise, right?) I have tears in my eyes. I better continue part 2 later. Check back.

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