Sunday, January 31, 2010

All Seven

My Seven

I actually attempted and finished my first crochet along. On time too! I signed up to participate in the Let's Make Seven CAL and I did it! Plus, I made some blocks in between. And there are definitely more in my immediate future. I want to thank Badskirt and One Flew Over for the idea & the encouragement.

Still not totally sure what I will do with all the blocks...hotpads & potholders for sure. Possibly some pillows...Ross wants a blanket out of some of them. Guess we'll see what else I come up with. For now it's just fun playing with them.

Wanna see them again? Okay.;-)
All done....


  1. The squares look fantastic! Pillows are great for squares....just cover an old, worn out pillow! Granny squares are the building blocks to fashion!

  2. Ohhh Kellie these are lovely... I've just purchased 'the' book in the last fortnight... love it & also another one I got at the same time called 'Beyond a Square - Crochet motifs' by Edie Eckman... love it too... B