Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another death...

Hot chicks in the snow.

One of the red heads.
And our little blue dog.
Not a good combination

Sad boy

And we've got a very sad boy.
Crying, tears...the whole works.
Thankfully not quite as bad as the first time.
They understood a little better this time that dogs will be dogs.
And that chickens aren't too bright.
But the chicken feathers flying around the yard are not helping matters.

Sweet sister helping her brother

Lil' Mermaid did better this time around
She put her arms around her brother and cried with him.
She told him it would be all right.
She told him we'd get some more chickens in a few months.
She came up with an idea to make him feel better.

Working on Hot Rod's present

A chicken paper doll.
For her brother to keep.
I love my kids.

The dearly departed

Bye red chicken. Cluck cluck.

1 comment:

  1. oh no! We lost 2 chickens to our last dog and OOF it hurts the heart. What a sweet thing your daughter did though <3