Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love my 4-Hers

I love my 4-Hers.

I have been a 4-H leader for about 10 years now. A dear friend has co-led with me all that time. And over the years, as her girls got older and graduated and then I started having my own children we have seen many kids and dogs come and go (we lead a dog club). And I just love, love, love the program here in our county. All of the kids have touched us in some way. And it has been such a wonderful outlet for me and for my family (even though my kids aren't quite old enough for most of it yet). I can't even adequately explain why I love it so much. But above is just one example of why I keep doing it, even though it involves hundreds of volunteer hours from me throughout the whole year.

The sad part is the photo above is a card that the club members filled out for one of our dear, sweet members who just experienced the loss of her best dog friend. The other members were just devastated, as this particular girl is very well liked and her dog was known as the club "ham". What they wrote to her (even as a few of the new members didn't even know her very well) is just so touching and sweet, that it made me cry and feel wonderful at the same time. And I am most impressed by what the young men in our club wrote (as we don't usually have many boys in our club and most of them are at the age of transitioning into young men). Working with an animal teaches these kids so many wonderful things about responsibility, kindness, perseverance, failure, success, love and .....loss. I love being a part of that.

I love these kids.
And I love being a 4-H leader.

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