Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Last of the Seven...and a few more

Marigold Corner

Phew! I finished all seven of the Let's Make Seven CAL featuring blocks from Jan Eaton's book. And I even added some more in there. Several people have decided to do all 200 blocks or at least all of the blocks done in rounds, but I am not sure I will go that far. However, I definitely have more blocks that are tickling my fancy. Below you will see a few. But first, here's my last of the seven.

Marigold #209 Block

#209 Marigold
Used Lion Brand Cotton in worsted weight so this flower is honkin'! I mean, HUGE, BIG, GIGANTIC!! But that's okay. It will make a very durable hotpad.

Marigold Flower

My first time doing a 3 dimensional flower where I worked behind the petals. That was different but not as hard as I thought it would be. I really like the colors that I used. And I am actually excited to try a few more of the 3D type of flower blocks in the book. Not to shabby, eh?

Marigold Close-up

One of the layouts int eh book that really caught my eye was this two page spread with #117 Granny in the Middle and #121 Coral Seas. I really liked the retro-ness of the colors. First I attempted the Coral Seas block. I think I matched the colors pretty well (although in the photo the seaspray color is looking more gray than in real life). Used Lion Brand cotton again and Peaches & Creme for the coral color. I left off the last two rows because it was getting disproportionally big. I will add a hanging ring in the corner.

Close-up of Coral Seas block

My second attempt at a mitered square if you count the granny combo I did here. I was worried that the square would really end up out of whack and crooked, but it turned out pretty good with some light blocking.

#121 Coral Seas Block

#117 Granny in the middle was pretty easy and straight forward. Again, I went with a similar color combo to the book, a bit brighter perhaps. Okay, a lot brighter.

#117 Granny in the Middle

I like this one for a cool retro dish cloth. Gotta love a versatile granny. All Lion Brand cotton (except for the coral color in Peaches & Creme) in worsted weight.

It's a bright granny

So there we have it. The last and a few more. I think we can justly assume that there will be more from this lovely book. Stay tuned for a pic of all seven blocks when I get my camera battery charged!

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