Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ohhhhhhh girl.....

My new Seven year old

You just turned seven years old. How did that happen? I can still remember when you were born, all 3.9 pounds of you. You were so teeny tiny, but already such a fighter. And so much stronger than we ever realized. And yet you keep proving that to us every day. There are so many things I love and treasure about you that I could fill up a whole day reciting them. So as you turn 7 years old, here's just a few of my favorite things about you, right here and right now.....

You will try anything once.
You are very athletic.
You love to help others.
You love, love, love to learn right now.
You're like a sponge, absorbing everything you can, and so proud of yourself when you can share that information.
You have very diverse interests.
You are much deeper than oftentimes I give you credit for...your silly smiles and goofy behavior hide a deep and thoughtful mind.
You can play with the boys but have many girlfriends as well.
You are quite independent, which is fun considering that you are a twin.
When you were younger you didn't talk much. Now we can't get you to stop and you talk a mile-a-minute.
I think someday soon that you will pass out because you forgot to take a breath during one of your 5 minute long verbal bursts.
You are definitely the "middle child", even if it is only by 5 minutes.
You are rather dramatic these days.
You have a competitive streak that surprises me.
You are a problem solver.
Your creativity and imagination sometimes leave me staring at you in wonderment.
You write and illustrate amazing stories.
You are far goofier than anyone knows.
You have a very strong character.
That is why you can walk to school in crazy hats, snow boots, plaid tights, a striped skirt,a tie-dyed shirt, and one side pony-tail in your hair.

You are beautiful.
Outside and inside.
Inside is what makes me the happiest.
And inside is where your light comes from.
For that, I am very, very thankful.


  1. Oh my gosh Kellie, you have me all misty eyed. Those are the sweetest posts!!! Yay for mammas like you!!!

  2. ugh! Such sweet, wordy posts. Those are treasures for years to come. Good work!