Friday, January 1, 2010



That's the theme for 2010. Can you see why?

I could blurt out a list of lofty New Year's Resolutions and delude myself into thinking that I/We could actually achieve some kind of success with them...but I am trying to be realistic here. I know, that doesn't happen often. So I better take this moment of clarity and run with it to some achievable goal. The photo above is just one small part of my craft room. But I am using this photo as an all encompassing example of the dis-organization in our life right now. 2010 is the year the disorganization will be conquered.... right?

Well, I can hope. Somehow we manage to get crazy amounts of things done during the year, but frequently that is only accomplished with tears and piles of crap toppling over and sharp words and yep....I'll be honest here...disgust. We all feel it, even though it comes out in the kids as frustration and in us as anger. Every area of our house NEEDS to be organized, some areas just a bit here and there, some need major overhauling. Realistically, I am not sure how much we can do....a new habit takes 21 days...yadda,yadda,yadda....but that is why I am making our resolution into a theme. Something we'll try to work at every day but not a pass or fail type of resolution. I really feel like all of the other resolutions that we would have made can easily be achieved if we just get a handle on the organization business.

Hmmmm....we'll see how it goes. I'm not making any promises here. And I may or may not post more about this as the year goes on....I might be too embarrassed :-) But it's out there. It's a necessity. It's a work-in-progress. It's our theme for 2010: ORGANIZATION!


  1. Great resolution Kellie! I'm very proud of you for putting that picture online. I've actually made a similiar resolution except mine focuses just on the master bedroom. It's our dirty little secret around here. And I don't mean dirty in the fun way. In the gross, close the door don't let anyone see it way.

  2. I thought grandma Jean was over there awhile ago reorganizing... Andrew always talks about your craft room with amazement and awe!!

  3. How sweet that both you girls leave me a comment on the blog and YOU CHOOSE MY DISORGANIZATION POST TO LEAVE THEM ON!!!??? :-) That's 'cause you know me so well. This photo was actually taken before Grandma Jean came over, but unfortunately, over my frenetic holiday crafting, it pretty much looks this way again. :-(