Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scarves for three little maniacs

Christmas Scarves

I forgot to post some photos of the scarves I made for the maniacs for Christmas. Of course my lofty goal last year was to make the majority of our presents handmade items. That didn't happen. But I was determined to make some Christmas presents for my family. At least I achieved a little bit of that. And here's some of the proof:

Cute Big Girl Scarf Photo #1
First I started working on Lil' Mermaid's scarf since it was the most intricate. I used the Garden Scarf pattern by Michelle Ameron from The Happy Hooker book. Heehee. I'm sorry, I just crack myself up every time I say that name.

Close-up of Garden Scarf #1Close-up of Garden Scarf #2Close-up of Garden Scarf #3Close-up of Garden Scarf #4Close-up of Garden Scarf #5Garden Scarf for Lil' Mermaid

Lil' Mermaid wears it all the time. It was way easier than I thought, once I figured out the joining method. I couldn't understand the pattern for quite a while. Then I fiddled with it and the light bulb came on. I was rather proud of myself. :-) My first time doing treble crochet stitches too. I used Patons classic wool and Lion Brand wool. It does stretch quite a bit. And if I made it again I would maybe use a less stretchy yarn. But it is easy enough to block.

Cute, warm boy and his new handmade scarf
Next, I worked on cute boy's scarf. This one was so dang easy!! No pattern, I just did some dc until it was wide enough and then dc back and forth from there. Hot Rod picked out the colors and how long he wanted it to be.
Another shot of the super comfy scarf
Up close of Hot Rod's Xmas scarf
Hot Rod's super comfy scarf

This was my first time using Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick & Quick. I know I have been talking about how much I have enjoyed working with wool and cotton lately but I have to say, wool-ease is pretty nice. It's 80% acrylic and 20%wool. But it is so soft and comfy and WASHABLE! Which really, is very important sometimes. I find that as I am making more gifts that most people do not like having to specially wash things. And if it's for a kid, especially a teenager, it's really best if the item is washable. So, for me, I am really digging this wool-ease. Plus, this Thick & Quick worked up FAST!! I think it maybe took me two hours total time. Seriously. I am considering some blankets and throws out of this stuff!

Cute scarf Photo #4
And finally the scarf for the littlest maniac. Peelu wanted a rainbow - of course, she is her Mama's girl after all - so I pulled out half of a ball of that Red Heart Sper Saver in the Primary Colors colorway that I used on my Tahoe Hat. Okay, THIS is not my favorite acrylic, however it does have it's uses and it does soften up quite a bit when washed. But I LOVE this colorway. The hues of the colors in the yarn just make me smile.
Peelu's Rainbow
Pretty much the same thing as Hot Rod's just a simple dc pattern back and forth. The rainbow colors were the focus here. And just long enough for her to wrap around herself but not so long that her brother and sister can use it to tie her up with....
Cute scarf Photo #3

It's pretty cute, right? She's pretty cute too,huh? Oh okay, here's some more photos then.

Cute scarf Photo #4Cute scarf Photo #5Cute scarf Photo #1

All around success I think with these scarves. And let me tell you, we put them to good use walking to and from school during the year.

Handmade Love

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