Thursday, January 14, 2010

Them blocks, they just keep on comin'

#9 Arcadia

Here's #9 Arcadia for the Let's Make 7 crochet along. This is such a pretty block pattern. And it looks totally different in different colors. I think this one might be my new favorite.

Arcadia up-close

Then I took a little detour because these grannies were calling to me. This one is twisting the night away. And in that jazzy turquoise dress no less!

Twisting Granny close-up

#40 Granny with a Twist. Super easy, super fun. This would make a great kitchen towel too. I love the retro!

#40 Granny with a Twist

And then we have this kinda odd combination - a granny square attached to a mitered square. My first time doing anything mitered. That sounded weird, huh?

#7 Corner Granny

First you do the granny portion in the round.

Corner Granny close-up #12

And then you move on to the mitered portion and you turn your fabric.

Corner Granny close-up #1

The round granny portion and the mitered portion do end up looking a bit wonky (or maybe it's my crocheting) but I like it the more I look at it and I'm a bit happier with it after I lightly blocked it. I think I would make a pattern change or two to make the round granny match the mitered portion better if I do this one again. I do think it will make a cool hot pad when I add a loop.

I have to say I am lovin' these little ladies. Aren't they cute? I mean real grannies are of course cute, but I'm taking about my new obsession here - the crocheted kind.....I am feeling a granny blanket of some sort coming on....

Yarn Info: remember, I am using worsted weight Lion brand cotton so these blocks are big (about 8 inches) and rather heavy-duty. And I am using a G hook (4.0mm).

All right, enough playing for now. I have two more blocks to finish for the Let's Make Seven CAL. Almost there!

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