Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Crafting

Weekend Crochet

Still a bit of a dreary weekend. But we enlivened it with some colorful crafting and a new craft experience.

Almost finished

Disc-disc potholder/hot pad pattern from Chicken Betty.

Two trivets/hot pads in motion

I should probably try and finish one before I start another one, eh?

The Woodburner

Then we have the little man and his crafty project that he has been nagging at us try for days and days. He got this wood burning set from Grandma and Grandpa W for his birthday. Everyday he has asked us to try it but we just haven't had a good stretch of time where one of us could sit down and really dedicate a big chunk of time to him and this project. The wood burner tool takes a while to heat up and cool down, and obviously can be very dangerous - not a craft he can do on his own or unsupervised.

First woodburning practice

But he did amazingly well with it, especially for his first time. He is so much like his father, it's crazy sometimes. Ross traced the images onto some scrap pieces of wood. And Hot Rod did most of the burning himself. Not too shabby, eh? Better than I can do that's for sure.

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  1. Somehow I can just envision that rocking pterodactyl and shark combo as some sort of super hero duo. Nice crafty projects! :)