Saturday, January 23, 2010

What a little man

A Happy Viking?
Our first born, our little man, how in the world can you be seven years old already? I can still remember holding your little 6 pound body while your sister had to board a helicopter bound for the NICU. For 9 whole days we had you and only you to snuggle and love on and to keep us busy and keep our hearts light. That's when you earned your first nickname of Velcro Boy. And really, that still fits you.

You seem more confident than you really are.
You have always had a curious mixture of boy toughness and deep sensitivity.
Sometimes I think you wish you were an only child, but yet you don't like being alone.
But I know how deeply you love your "little" sisters.
You take being the oldest child quite seriously. In fact sometimes, I think you worry about it.
You like to be first at things, but not necessarily the best.
You are pretty open about trying new things.
You amaze me with your deep insights sometimes.
You try so hard to help people,that frequently you get "talked to" about over-helping.
You have a very kind heart.
You are actually NOT as competitive as I thought you would be.
It is very hard for you to sit still for a full school day.
You crave diversity in learning.
You are a great cheerleader for your friends.
When you are alone with Peelu, you are a fabulously patient big brother.
Your mind works so fast and thinks of so many different things at the same time.
I think you are a smidge closer to your twin sister than she is to you.
You're a bit of a brown-noser. But we think it's funny. :-) And your intentions are good.
You are so much like your father in the way you learn things, your diverse interests, your curiosity, your helpfulness, your insane knowledge about things...
You are also quite like your maternal grandfather too - overly helpful, kind heart, quite the rule-follower, stands up for what you know is right.
You also have a bad temper like your Mama. Eek!
But you care so much for people that you frequently cry and become sad when you know that somebody is hurting.
You can be quite determined - hence learning to walk at 9 months old.

You are my little old man.
Wise beyond your years about some things, and oh so sensitive.
And a bit afraid to grow up.
And that’s okay, because I am a bit sad for you to grow up too.
But you will always be my little Velcro Boy.
And I can’t wait to see the man you will become.

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