Wednesday, January 13, 2010

YIKES! I guess it was a good choice...


...not to make weight loss one of my New Year's resolutions this year! Because we've had a lot. No I mean, REALLY, A LOT, of bread baking around here these past few weeks. And sampling it all is a job I take seriously.

The Three Amigos

And before you think that it is I who is baking these beauties, let me correct you. Heck no! I am not a baker. Although I do rank "eating baked goods" as one of my top ten skills. I love to cook but baking, alas, is not my forte. These are all part of Ross' latest obsession. He's trying to perfect his recipe - interestingly enough it involves very high temps, lots of steam, dashes of what he calls his "love sprinkles", and frequently the smoke alarm going off. But the results have been yummy. Whole wheat vs all white, many grains vs sourdough, metal pans vs stoneware....ay yi yi! Unfortunately he can get away with consuming three loaves of bread in a day and a half a lot easier than I can. Dammit! Sometimes life is so unfair.

The three loafs
(Sorry, he told me I had to end with this photo of his two "special" loaves in the front - see the "love Sprinkles"? Yes, you can roll your eyes)

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