Sunday, February 28, 2010

One of those Mama moments

Hot Rod and his latest art project

This morning at Sunday School we made a paper doll chain to help illustrate this bible memory verse: "Since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another". 1John 4:11 The kids seemed to have a lot of fun with it. But it set Hot Rod's mind in motion...always an interesting thing....

Those little crosses on the left..

He came home and immediately set to making another long chain of "people and children of the world". (The little crosses on the far left are meant to be babies). His mural, as he called it, was to remind us to "love the whole world".


Makes the Mama duties and the Sunday School teacher duties worth it. Wouldn't 'ya say?

Uninterrupted Sunshine

Sunshine=laundry line what we needed. DEFINITELY what I needed. Yep, two authentic days of gorgeous Central Oregon sunshine without partial cloudiness or fog or snow or wind or sleet or hail or any of the other odd weather phenomenons that have seemed to keep us from being able to appreciate two beautiful sunny days in a row for quite a while. Makes you salivate - yes, salivate is the word I am going to use here - for Spring and wonderfully green shoots that rise from a healthy, rich soil.

All kinds of lettuce in the greenhouse

While Ross got to work moving things around in the garden....
The Frustrated Gardener the girls, who got a new view...
The girls got a new direction

...the big maniacs got to work with some seeds and their shovels...
Hot Rod with his handful of seeds
Lil' Mermaid loves planting those sunflowers

Then Lil' Mermaid discovered her place in the organic market sector. Here she is trying to talk her first customer at her organic plant shoppe (her father) into shelling out some hard cash ($4.00 a plant to be exact):
Lil' Mermaid talking up her garden plants
Lil' Mermaid's first customer at her garden store
Lil' Mermaid's Garden Store
The garden center sale items

She has high expectations. But the season is early yet. ;-)

Lovely, lovely green

And I suppose with this glorious weekend we had...we probably all indulged in a little green dreamin'.....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wacky Cloth

Wacky cloth close-up

Oops! I forgot to post about one of the last cloths I made for Mel's create-along. I call it the wacky cloth because it looks pretty funny until the very end. It's actually a pattern from Lily called flower dish cloth.

The wacky cloth before weaving

You have all these dangly chain 10 bits that you end up "weaving" or "braiding" through each other.
Here's how it looks when you weave the chains

Here's Hot Rod weaving the "braids" together.He figured out right away how to weave all the chain 10s inside of each other. He thinks like his Papa. He did all the weaving for me.
Hot Rod liked the weaving part

I love the look of this cloth but we'll see how it holds up when it gets wet because it seems to spread apart a bit at the braided joins. But it was kinda fun and very fast to work up.

The completed wacky cloth

So my total for the create-along was 10 dish/wash cloths. With many, many more patterns sitting around beggin me to crochet them up! It's addicting.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More dishcloths

Spread out over last week...
Another dishcloth for the create-along

Pattern from here. A basket weave scrubby cloth. It looks to be a good scrubber. I have always wanted to try this basket weave pattern. It was fun and easy and had mostly FPdc and BPdc - a bonus!!

Up-close of basket weave

See the cool texture up close?

Then I made these cute fishy cloths for the maniacs. I've had this pattern printed out for a while but then I saw Jasmine's cloths she made for her own kids (via Mels' create-along) and I just had to do the same! Very easy and quick pattern.
Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

Then, because grannies are on my mind (pretty much all day long) and because I was itching to get back to my 200 crochet blocks book......I made this Four Patch granny. It's block #43.

Another wash cloth

I love the colors - all Lion Brand cotton. But I am not happy with my joining of the blocks. It was my first time trying to join blocks - which will obviously be a necessity as I continue on my granny square journeys. I just did a simple slip stitch join, like they showed in the book, to create a decorative ridge. But I better get practicing because I think it looks sloppy.

Four Patch up-close

Anyway, that puts my dish/wash cloth tally up to 8. It would be more but I am getting sidetracked with these other crochet endeavors. Damn that craft ADHD I have!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bread Geek Strikes Again

It was ciabatta this weekend!

It was ciabatta this weekend. And yes, it was a yummy success. But he wants me to tell you that he can do more than just bread. Here's evidence:

Ross' Quiche

We have had an excess of chicken eggs lately so this was a fritatta that he made. I think it is technically a quiche but he thought "fritatta" sounded more manly.

The inside of the quiche

Wish we could say the veggies were from our garden....oh how we cannot wait for summer!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Granny Square Necklace Loooooooooooooove

My baby - the granny!

Cute, right? I thought so. The two year old is okay too. Kidding. Of course!

Telling me she loves her new necklace

Taking the granny obsession to extremes now. Saw this cute granny necklace by kootoyoo and thought......hmmmmm....for about 10 seconds and then whipped up a bunch faster than you can say "my granny can beat up your granny."

Granny necklace

They were super easy and I am not kidding when I say they crochet up real quick. After I finished the third round I just chained around to fit over my head and then slip stitched it to attach to the other side.

Granny necklace love

The ones right above are all made of Red Heart Heart & Sole sock yarn with a 2.25 steel hook. I thought the variegation of the sock yarn was cool. They are very stretchy. The kids have laid claim to these ones.
Granny necklace in Congo colorwayGranny necklace in Green Envy colorway

Granny necklace in Razzle Dazzle colorwayMy granny again
The white, blue, red one is made from elann sonata cotton yarn. It's shiny, mercerized cotton and gives this granny a cool, slick look. It's a bit bigger - I used a D hook. That baby is mine.

Yep, I love 'em! Try it yourself. See if you don't become addicted too!
My granny necklace

Friday, February 19, 2010


Cotton yarn out for the giant granny

What am I thinking? Seriously? Do I think I have a nanny or a house cleaner or something? Because recently I've signed myself up for several crochet swap and/or crochet-alongs. I kid myself and say it's for the "learning experience" but so far, all I am learning is how to put-off as many chores as possible. I still feed the kids however and remember to pick the big ones up from school. And I haven't let Peelu wander off into the street yet. That should count for something, right?

Okay, here's the rundown.

Basket weave pattern up close
Mel's Create-along over at One Crafty Mumma, where we are making wash/dishcloths. Practical, right? I thought so!

My second dishcloth sent off...
I am also participating in the 12 Dancing Dishcloth year long swap at Ravelry. Above is a photo of the package I just sent to Shelly in Idaho. Hope she enjoys it. And I can't wait for November when I get to be the recipient of 11 fabulous dishcloths.

Some baby grannies
Oh we're not done yet! I also signed up for this super fun granny square swap at Hoot-n-Annie that I found via Becky at Strumpets Crumpets. I am so, so, so excited for this swap as we all know that grannies are a very real obsession for me right now. Plus, all the girls in it have really cute blogs and amazing creativity. Check out the flickr site for the swap.

Weekend Crochet
And I drooled for more time than I care to admit at this potholder swap that took place last year...I just found out that they are having another one, going on right now!! Here's a flickr group link and the ravelry link too. This one is still open is you have a mind to join along. Of course, I do have the above pot holders already started but do you think I would go wtih what I already have? Heck no....I am already auditioning different patterns. Heaven help me.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Love on the Line 6

Yay! One of my favorite holidays. How can you go wrong with spreading a little love around?

A spread of love

Love on the line:
Love on the Line 5
Love on the Line 2
Love on the Line 3
Love on the Line 1

Heavenly love:
Heavenly love

Royally in love:
Royally in love

Sweet, sweet love:
Sweet, sweet love

Heart in the clouds:
Heart in the clouds

A dreamy love:
A dreamy love

Granny love in the sky:
Granny Love in the Sky


Yes, I've combined obsessions: crocheting and my laundry line. And yes, I know it's weird. But it makes me happy. So there! These beauties were all crocheted by yours truly in honor of LOVE DAY. But look below for the places you can find these awesome patterns for yourself.

Lacy Loves from Sarah London
Up close lacy loves
Lacy Loves

Better than chocolate thanks to Bella Dia
Better than chocolate

Colorful Grannies courtesy of Michelle at The Royal Sisters
Colorful Granny hearts
Granny Hearts

LOVE= The heart of all grannies by Karp Style:
LOVE - the heart of all grannies!

Hugs & Kisses