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The 2010 Valentines PART 2: Fortune Cookies of Love

Okay, here's the second part of the valentines for this year. Thankfully Peelu is not in school yet - but next year we will have three sets of valentines to make!!! Yikes! Hot Rod decided to come up with fortune cookies of love to give to his friends.
Fresh out of the oven

We scoped out some designs on-line and found two that we kind of used for our inspiration: Martha Stewart's design and Susan Beal's design on Craftstylish. Ours was probably most like Susan's but I sewed it a bit different to get a shape we liked.

Tan felt (or you could use pink or red for valentine's day - Grandma W however, was adamant that we keep the "vibe" of a "real" fortune cookie.)
A 3' circle template ( we made ours from a drinking glass)
Tan or off-white thread
Paper for printing off fortunes
Hand sewing Needle
(I hand-sewed our valentine's but you could use a sewing machine like Susan did.)


Using a circle template (approx. 3 inches in diameter), cut out as many circles as you need for fortune cookies.
Fortune cookie factory
("Unbaked cookies" on the left, fortunes ready to go, "baked cookies" on the right)

Sew your circles. First I squeezed them in half and hand sewed a few stitches - about 3/4 inch in.
Step 1
Then I pulled the thread tight and knotted it off.
Step 1a
Next, I folded the cookie back on itself.
Step 2
Step 2a
And squeezed the outside edges together.
Step 2b
If you fold it the "wrong" way you can tell because it looks like a big parentheses and there's no room to put your fortune in.
Then go up around the outside of the cookie edge about 1.5 inches and start sewing a smallstraight stitch around the edge until you get about 1.5 inches from the other end. Then knot off. You can easily tuck your knots inside the fortune cookie.
Step 3
Step 3a

Come up with some fun fortunes and print them out on paper. I used a table in a word document and typed all the fortunes into that so they were easier for Hot Rod to cut out. I wish I could figure out how to link to a document on my blog but I can't so here are some of the fortunes that we made up:

Creativity makes for a colorful heart.
You make my world brighter
Your friendship glitters like a diamond.
This year will be the funnest ever!
A little craziness is important now and again!
A good heart is precious
Love makes the world go 'round
Your smile always make me happy
Friendship is better than candy!
Your friendship is 2 cool 4 words!
A strong heart makes for a good friend
A brave heart like yours makes me happy.
A kind heart is worth more than gold
A joyful heart spread magic
Being silly is good for your soul
Love & laughter make for good health
A little goofiness makes for a happy heart!
A sweet soul is better than chocolate
You make my world brighter

I printed each fortune on the front under a heading that said "Samfucius says:" and then on the back ( I re-inserted the fortune paper back into my printer to print exactly on the backside) I typed Happy Valentine's Day in red. These fortunes are fairly small, and I knew Hot Rod couldn't print that many words that small. So all he ended up writing was the name of his friends and {heart} Hot Rod.

The fortunes all ready to go
Cutting out the fortunes
Signing his name

So after he signed his name, Hot Rod stuffed the cookies with each fortune (as was his sister, he was careful to match up special fortunes with each friend!). He left the corner of the fortune with his friend's name sticking out a bit so he could pass them out in class easier. You could probably also fit a Hershey's kiss in the fortune but we didn't do that this year.

Samfucious says....

Would you accept a valentine from this maniac?

Ahh...that's better...
A bowl full o ' chinese love!

And real quick you have to see the little Chinese food container that we made for the cookies he gave to his grandparents:

We added a cute origami cup

If we had thought of this idea before the Valentine party we probably could have made one for all the kids. Just find an origami cup pattern on-line, attach wire, sketch a little Chinese house on it and voila!

Close-up of the fortune cookie chinese food box

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