Sunday, February 14, 2010


Geared up for some sweatin'

We've got some dribblers. Although their dribbling skills did leave a lot to be desired. But not too shabby for their first attempts at basketball.

The Dribbling Twins

It was nice to have them on the same team again. In soccer, first grade is the first year they separate into boys only and girls only teams. But in basketball they don't do that until third grade. There were only two girls on their team of 11. The other girl was also in first grade and was also on the team with her twin brother. Funny, huh?

And they were still smiling

They seemed to really enjoy it. In fact these photos were taken at the end of their six week season. And they're still smiling. We better get some more dribbling practice in though.

(And how do you like Hot Rod's "lucky" socks in the top photo - mismatched Christmas ones?)

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