Monday, February 22, 2010

Bread Geek Strikes Again

It was ciabatta this weekend!

It was ciabatta this weekend. And yes, it was a yummy success. But he wants me to tell you that he can do more than just bread. Here's evidence:

Ross' Quiche

We have had an excess of chicken eggs lately so this was a fritatta that he made. I think it is technically a quiche but he thought "fritatta" sounded more manly.

The inside of the quiche

Wish we could say the veggies were from our garden....oh how we cannot wait for summer!


  1. YUM!!! I LOVE bread - so bad for me, but I can eat a loaf alone! Sunday I bought some to have with dinner and I think there were only two pieces left for dinner :)

  2. Oh that frittata/quiche looks so delicious!
    And so pretty to look at with all those veggies arranged that way. I can imagine that the yum factor will definitely go up even further when the summer comes.