Friday, February 12, 2010

The Bread Geek

The Bread Geek

Yep, that's who I married. He's actually a geek about a lot of things. But bread is his latest geeky obsession. But hey, I can understand obsessions. Look to the bar at the left and you'll find some of mine.

Ahh hhhaaaaaaa

But does his latest obsession have to be so yummy, time-consuming and messy? I am supposed to have the corner on the time-consuming and messy projects. And as for yumminess.....this body of mine does NOT need to be consuming extra bread, let me tell you. But, if I must, I must. So the maniacs and I got him a new book last weekend. He read it in one night while staying up late baking. Apparently "real" artisan bread takes like 2-3 days to make? I dunno. That's what he's telling me. Meanwhile we have issues on the kitchen counter:


His sourdough starter expanded beyond the confines of its container. Lil' Mermaid yelled for me to come into the kitchen. Eek! What was I supposed to do? I didn't want to mess with his mojo. So I left it.

Then we had to head to a birthday party. And when I came back I found a slew of bread photos on my camera. He posed his loaves for these shots - Seriously!:

He posed his loaves for these shots!

Here's "THE ONE" (or so he said):
The One

"A trio of beauties" (again, his quote):
A trio of beauties

"Crumb perfection" - apparently this is bread geek talk:
Crumb perfection

And finally, the bread geek's apprentice. We call her "baguette":
The Bread Geek's Helper...

See what I have to put up with? At least it's a delicious existence.


  1. I love all of his descriptions for his beautiful posed bread shots!!! Wish I could get my hubby to bake some bread... feel free to pass on any loaves you don't want.. LOL :)

  2. Did he every try those grains leftover from Brian's homebrew? Brian was curious if it worked. They could be quite the yeast-geek team if it did!