Monday, February 8, 2010

Divine Inspiration

Close-up Divine Hat

Yep, another hat. For myself. Hey, it's still Winter!

Cool spiral design

And isn't it a cool hat? It was too hard to part with. I really like it.

Pretty Hat

It's called the Divine Hat and it's by Rheatheylia. The pattern is very different for me. Lots of FPdc & BPdc, which you know I have been enjoying lately. But the increases are done in an odd way (at least odd for my limited experience - it turns out pretty cool). I did have some issues but I kept persevering - which should show you how much I wanted to make this hat. I think I frogged it once entirely because it was way too huge and I frogged repeated rounds a multitude of times to try and get the fit better for me. Also, the pattern did challenge me with understanding the directions at first. But once I got it, it made total sense. I do love the design.

I did learn a few things though during the construction of this hat - not only must I have a smaller head than the general population, but I must also crochet a LOT looser than I think I do (obviously I rarely check my gauge - in fact I don't think I ever have!) I had to cut down on a few rounds here and there. I left off rounds 14, 15 & 16 and the last round - 21. I also went down from a K hook on the body to an I hook and from an I hook for the ribbing down to a G. It’s still just a bit big for me but I think I will gently wash it and the wool should shrink in a bit. I will try another one soon, now that I have the kinks out for my understanding.

Isn't it divine

It is divine, after all.

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  1. It is indeed quite a divine hat! I have stayed away from patterns that call for the FPDC & BPDC... perhaps I should give it a try. Can you recommend a good pattern to get me started?