Saturday, February 6, 2010

A fun day of classes

Piles o' yarn

Last weekend, we taught some classes at our local Idea Fair, which is a day long session of classes that our county 4-Hers and their families can take. The classes can be on pretty much anything and are taught by volunteers, 4-H youth and local professionals who donate their time and energy to our community. I personally, over the years, have taken classes on dog training, worm composting, giving presentations, rabbit jumping, healthy snacks, dried flower pressing, scrapbooking, art journaling, high desert gardening.....and so many more I could not fit into my schedule.

Pretty arrangement, huh?

We love this event so much that we make it a fair requirement for members in our dog club. So you can imagine that we (my co-leader and I and sometimes a junior leader or two and my mom) obviously teach a class on dogs - but last year when we had the Cloverbud club (for K-3rd graders) we also added a craft class geared to younger members or (the little brothers and sisters who get hauled to all their siblings' activities). This year we were begged to do one again and we maxed out on numbers right away. We played an introduction game after everyone arrived where everyone had to say their name and age and then say a word that describes themselves (that starts with the same letter as their name) and a word that tells something they like to do (that also starts with the same letter as their name). So I was Kooky Kellie who likes to fly kites. I also told then I was 21. The kids didn't blink, but the parents all snickered.

Some yarn paintings being created #10

Anyway, we then split into two groups and did two art/craft activities. Then halfway through, the groups switched. One of the activities was making a very, very simple clothespin charm necklace and the other was "painting" with yarn. Check out the next posts for tutorials on both activities.

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