Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Bread

More of the Saturday baking

Saturday was a baking marathon for The Bread Geek. He decided to try some recipes from the book we got him. There was some swearing and banging of pans when he discovered he would have to make or purchase some specific bread tools to "really do his breads justice". What? Tools for bread? This is getting serious. I may need to set up an intervention.

Meanwhile, it was still yummy to sample the results (even if it did take 5 hours of baking:
The results of 5 hours of baking
Bread sticks, wheat rolls, pitas and baguettes.

These pitas were a first and I was very excited as I can eat pitas and hummus all day long and I can also feel a tzatziki sauce coming up too. Here's a pic of The Bread Geek and one of his other geek apprentices checking out the pitas in the oven. They were watching the pitas expand in the oven (you know, the pocket part of the pita).

A Bread Geek and his bread-geek-in-training
It was pretty fun to watch. Even more fun to eat.

The First Pitas



  1. I love bread but nothing compared to my hubby's love for it, or should I say his addiction.
    He will choose bread over dessert (sad but true).
    We are lucky that we live in a city that produces some great breads but I rarely have them fresh out of the oven. Lucky girl!!

  2. Those breadsticks look amazing!