Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More dishcloths

Spread out over last week...
Another dishcloth for the create-along

Pattern from here. A basket weave scrubby cloth. It looks to be a good scrubber. I have always wanted to try this basket weave pattern. It was fun and easy and had mostly FPdc and BPdc - a bonus!!

Up-close of basket weave

See the cool texture up close?

Then I made these cute fishy cloths for the maniacs. I've had this pattern printed out for a while but then I saw Jasmine's cloths she made for her own kids (via Mels' create-along) and I just had to do the same! Very easy and quick pattern.
Here fishy, fishy, fishy...

Then, because grannies are on my mind (pretty much all day long) and because I was itching to get back to my 200 crochet blocks book......I made this Four Patch granny. It's block #43.

Another wash cloth

I love the colors - all Lion Brand cotton. But I am not happy with my joining of the blocks. It was my first time trying to join blocks - which will obviously be a necessity as I continue on my granny square journeys. I just did a simple slip stitch join, like they showed in the book, to create a decorative ridge. But I better get practicing because I think it looks sloppy.

Four Patch up-close

Anyway, that puts my dish/wash cloth tally up to 8. It would be more but I am getting sidetracked with these other crochet endeavors. Damn that craft ADHD I have!


  1. I love that basket weave pattern. Thanks for the link.

  2. What a gorgeous blog! Thank you for stopping by at mine as it's brought me over to yours!

  3. I hear you in the joining granny thing. If you want a good link to teach you how to join them go to Attic24. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/joining-granny-sqaures.html
    you have to do it in the right side of the loops. I tried this method & love it & love the look of it. It does have a front & back though. So I didn't end up using it for a blanket. Hope this helps. Nice stuff you have done.