Thursday, February 4, 2010

Palette Love

Palette Love

I absolutely LOVE paint palettes. As you might have noticed by my new blog header up above. We do quite a bit of painting in this house. All three kids LOVE it. It gets pretty messy as you can imagine, with two seven year olds and a two year old wielding paint brushes coated with a rainbow of colors.

Clean up can be a bit ugly too. Wiping drips and drops, cleaning water containers, soaking clothes, scrubbing little hand prints off of walls, wiping down paint covered faucet handles,wondering why the toilet has green colored water in the toilet bowl?

But then I get to the paint palettes. And I stop and admire the colors that were used that day. The mixtures that got created - inadvertently or otherwise. The color combinations that scream out at me, that I probably never would have noticed if I hadn't...

I love color!
Paint Palette Love 2
Paint Palette Love 4
Paint Palette Love 1

Yes, I love taking photos of our paint palettes. Crazy, huh? But beautiful. That you gotta admit.

I just love messy, paint covered palettes!

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