Saturday, February 6, 2010

TUTORIAL: Clothespin Charm Necklaces

Sweet Clothespin Necklace

Okay, here's the first of the craft/art activities we taught at the 4-H Idea Fair: Clothespin Charm Necklaces.

Here's the supplies you need:

Clothespins (Hot Rod wanted to paint them ahead of time like we did for our gratitude wreath, But we also left a few natural colored).
Lanyard, yarn or string (for the necklace, just make sure your beads fit over the material)
Beads (pony beads with big holes worked the best and were the fastest for the kids to string)
Little sticker gems

Supplies for clothespin charm necklaces

Have the kids pick their clothespin. We told them they could write anything they wanted on the "clothespin charm". Some kids wrote inspiring words, fun phrases or their names. They used the sharpies (in a controlled environment - hee hee- they are permanent!)

Working on their clothespin necklaces

Then we had them pick a few beads. We tied a big knot on the end and they commenced the stringing.

Stringin' some beads

We tied a good knot at the end of their necklace. And finally we had them attach some sticker gems if they wanted and then they just clipped their clothespin on their necklace and VOILA!!!!

Another cute clothespin ready to go on it's necklace

The necklace craft


Oohh look at the gems on that
He made a bright pattern
She wrote her name and what she likes to do

And here's Hot Rod's (no idea why he wrote "skulls" on his?!)
Hot Rod's clothespin charm necklace

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