Sunday, February 28, 2010

Uninterrupted Sunshine

Sunshine=laundry line what we needed. DEFINITELY what I needed. Yep, two authentic days of gorgeous Central Oregon sunshine without partial cloudiness or fog or snow or wind or sleet or hail or any of the other odd weather phenomenons that have seemed to keep us from being able to appreciate two beautiful sunny days in a row for quite a while. Makes you salivate - yes, salivate is the word I am going to use here - for Spring and wonderfully green shoots that rise from a healthy, rich soil.

All kinds of lettuce in the greenhouse

While Ross got to work moving things around in the garden....
The Frustrated Gardener the girls, who got a new view...
The girls got a new direction

...the big maniacs got to work with some seeds and their shovels...
Hot Rod with his handful of seeds
Lil' Mermaid loves planting those sunflowers

Then Lil' Mermaid discovered her place in the organic market sector. Here she is trying to talk her first customer at her organic plant shoppe (her father) into shelling out some hard cash ($4.00 a plant to be exact):
Lil' Mermaid talking up her garden plants
Lil' Mermaid's first customer at her garden store
Lil' Mermaid's Garden Store
The garden center sale items

She has high expectations. But the season is early yet. ;-)

Lovely, lovely green

And I suppose with this glorious weekend we had...we probably all indulged in a little green dreamin'.....

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, those first glorious days of sunshine!
    We've been getting some ourselves but we still have snow on the ground so it's not quite as sweet.
    Love seeing your clothes on the line. I've been hanging mine in the basement and I can't wait for the day that they can go out and get filled with that wonderful outdoor smell.
    Thanks for the preview!