Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wacky Cloth

Wacky cloth close-up

Oops! I forgot to post about one of the last cloths I made for Mel's create-along. I call it the wacky cloth because it looks pretty funny until the very end. It's actually a pattern from Lily called flower dish cloth.

The wacky cloth before weaving

You have all these dangly chain 10 bits that you end up "weaving" or "braiding" through each other.
Here's how it looks when you weave the chains

Here's Hot Rod weaving the "braids" together.He figured out right away how to weave all the chain 10s inside of each other. He thinks like his Papa. He did all the weaving for me.
Hot Rod liked the weaving part

I love the look of this cloth but we'll see how it holds up when it gets wet because it seems to spread apart a bit at the braided joins. But it was kinda fun and very fast to work up.

The completed wacky cloth

So my total for the create-along was 10 dish/wash cloths. With many, many more patterns sitting around beggin me to crochet them up! It's addicting.

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  1. Hey Kellie, I love it and the use of colours. Greens look so cheerful and perfect for dishcloth. I just started crocheting recently. Hope some day my skills can be good enough to participate in some CAL or Swap!