Friday, February 12, 2010

The Week of Love

Crocheted love

Obviously Valentine's Day is coming and that has permeated the house. I've got valentine crocheting going on (a sneak peek above), we had valentine holders to make for school and of course the requisite handmade valentine's for 44 kids! Oh yeah, and throw in some handmade birthday presents as well. No wonder I'm a bit tired and can't quite shake this cold!

Okay, handmade presents first:
Remember this cute, crocheted apple bag I made for Lil' Mermaid?

Is this the cutest purse...

Well, I whipped another one for a little friend that was having a farm themed party. We added some packets of heirloom seeds inside the bag and voila...a cute little gift.

Then we had another birthday party the following day and I freezer paper stenciled another rainbow and put together another kid art/craft bag from my supplies:

Stencil in place
Now it's drying
Girl's Craft Kit Packaged Up

Thennnnnnnn....we finally started on our valentine holders and valentines. The kids both came up with boxes for their holders. Hot Rod went the shoebox route and Lil' Mermaid chose the Chex cereal box. Hot Rod asked his Papa to spray paint his purple and after it was dried he was a boy on a mission.

Hot Rod working on his valentine box
Almost done with the love-catcher
Do we think he'll get any valentines?  :-)
Wasn't he ingenious in attaching his mini boy?

His box was very symmetrically decorated with foam stickers and doilies. I was impressed with his neatness. Then he saw the little girl cutout that his sister had and he had to grab the boy version for himself. A mini Hot Rod....heaven help me!

Lil' Mermaid, as is her wont lately was all about the collage-y goodness. Scrapbook paper, modge podge, valentine stickers and away we go:

More construction
Cutting out the heart on Lil' Mermaid's box
Finished at last!
Lil'  Mermaid's Valentine Catcher

Then she decided she wanted a heart cut-out and Grandma W supplied some red cellophane to line the cut-out. And she dressed her mini Lil' Mermaid and attached her to the side.

Pretty darn cute, I'd say. These kind of homework assignments we can handle! But I think I'll save the actual valentines we made for the next post.

Oh yeah, and here's the valentine lunch bento box. Weak, I know. But I totally forgot that this morning was their last lunch before valentine's day and I didn't go shopping. I had to make do with what I had on hand: blueberry bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jelly hearts, frozen blueberries and strawberry, red pepper hearts, crackers with cheese and ham heart cutouts, berry-yogurt rice cakes. Oh yeah, and a little valentine from me.
The valentine lunch bento 2-11-10

Okay, that's it for now!

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