Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An afternoon drive

Black Butte in the sunshine

After the big kids went to school on Thursday morning and Peelu and I walked back from school, Ross asked us if we wanted to head out to a job site he was working on to drop off some samples. The blue skies that morning looked promising, so we agreed. We haven't been out to one of his jobs for a while now.

The history of old barnwood

Ross is a very skilled craftsman and his specialty is wood floors (although he also works with bamboo and cork too). Owning your own small business has its drawbacks (I could talk for hours about taxes and insurances...uughhh) and owning a construction type of business in our area (which has experienced an infamously ugly housing bust) adds it's own stress and worry.

Sunshine wood

But we are puttering along, thanks to Ross' incredibly insane work ethic and his fabulous skills. I am not one to toot our own horns, at least not in a public forum, but I am very proud of Ross' work and craftsmanship. And his love for his work, plus his flexibility at being able to make it to almost all of the kids' functions, makes the craziness of self-employment....worth it.

The stair model

Anyway, we dropped off the sample at one job site and then headed over to another nearby job site to check on a friend's progress. Ross had already finished his work here and he asked me to take some photos of it while he helped his friend. So with my trusty assistant, I took some cool (at least I thought so) photos of his amazing work.

Peelu's Marilyn Monroe shot
Sweet girl on the steps

This job used a bunch of re-claimed wood. I am sure I will get it wrong - but I think the flooring is hemlock and the stair treads are fir. Ross has really been excited about working with re-claimed wood lately. It stirs his love of history and utilizes his artistic eye to get the wood just so. He loves to find cool pieces that have carvings or nail holes or old saw marks or beautiful grain and then use his skills to showcase that in a floor or on a set of stairs or when he's asked to build a mantle or something different.

Barnwood stair landing
Cool looking stairs
Barnwood Stairs leading UP
Close-up of the beautiful stairs
Going down

In the top photos you can see some old nail holes in the floor. And the above photos show the wonderful grain and saw marks from the old fir timbers, which I think were reclaimed from a local (old) barn. I LOVE the rustic nature of those stairs. The photo below shows the stair tread wood "before" Ross got a hold of it.

Unfinished plank

Crazy difference, huh? Well, the small cabin was such a wonderful little retreat that I spent a few minutes dreaming of living in it. For instance, I was dreaming of a comfy chair in front of this window, where I could crochet and drink coffee.....

What a view, eh?

sigh...Well, they dragged me out and we spent a few minutes walking around the delightful property.

Going down the path
Peelu & Papa

It was one of those afternoons that we don't take nearly enough.


  1. Your husbands' work is wonderful. It shows his love for the craft and whomever is going to live there is one lucky person. He made a fine daughter too!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Those aren't just any old wood floors...that's art!!!

    Love the "Marilyn" shot, So Cute!!!!

  3. You sucked me in with the first photo - absolutely wonderful view. But then its beautiful, natural, wonderful timber - I love it
    Thank you

  4. Wow!!! Rossi, what a great and extraordinary gift you have for woodworking. I'm so proud of you. Wish I could see it in person. Love you, Brandi

    PS. PeeLu is "Marilyn Monroe" in the Making. She is too cute.