Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crafty Gifts from the First Grade Set

The finished Star Wars fighter jets

Hot Rod came home from school on Thursday with a recycled Star Wars fighter jet (or whatever the heck they're called). He said his crayon box was broken so he made it into a craft(the one on the left).

Star Wars Crafting

One of his friends thought it was cool so immediately when he came home he pilfered one of our crayon boxes. He said "but I'm recycling, Mama." And I said, "Yes, but that box still had a full load of crayons in it." His reply was a shoulder shrug and he dumped the crayons into our wooden crayon box. And I chided myself for obviously not explaining the recycle concept to them fully enough and for instilling a mad-crafter-at-all-costs mentality in them.

Recycling our crayon boxes

They did turn out pretty cool and his friend loved receiving his at school on Monday.

Almost completed Star Wars Fighter

On Saturday, the big maniacs were invited to the birthday party of a dear little friend. I am really trying to incorporate artsy/craftsy gifts that we can hand make into all gift giving. But with little kids, I am not always sure if the result is worth the effort. And maybe I should just look at it differently. But it's a lot of effort to hand make things, even for the maniacs. And I have to say that I encourage their more crafty gifts for friends and family who I know will appreciate them.....and understand them. Is that snotty of me? Oh well. We were very happy to make the birthday gifts for this birthday girl because she and her family are very creative themselves and very excited about handmade items. That made us so happy.

First, Hot Rod asked his father to help with another wood burning craft. He knew his little friend adored horses and he remembered a horse stencil in his wood burning kit. So they created a piece of art for her. He said it was a necklace and he asked me to get some yarn and beads out for him to decorate it. It turned out very cute, if a bit big for a necklace. We called it the medallion. It certainly was a treasure.

Hot Rod's gift for his friend
Close-up of the horse medallion

Then Lil' Mermaid started on her present. Since making her dolphin pillow, she has loved the idea of drawing on fabric and making simple pillows. She is getting to be quite the little sewist. I should work with both of them on sewing more frequently but Peelu's little fingers get into much trouble around the sewing machine and supplies.

Lil' Mermaid sewing the horse pillow present
Sewing pretty pillow

Again, knowing her friend's love of horses - the theme was "pretty pony". I think the drawing is so beautifully vivid. And the pillow turned out wonderfully.

Birthday pillow completed
Birthday pillow close up

I loved the look in both of their eyes. They were so proud of themselves and so happy to give these handmade gifts to their friend. So worth it.

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  1. What a lovely gift you have given to your children. They will always remember these days spent making things with you. My boys are grown men now, but they remember those times spent together just doing. My oldest son has children of his own now and they love making things too. I miss little ones, getting in the way and not always understanding our ways, but cherish this, because sooner than you know.....
    they'll be grown too.